A National Business Chamber for Women, Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Women Chamber of Commerce boosts and builds women’s entrepreneurship and businesses through greater engagement with government, institutions, global trade and networks.

To share a perspective on our various endeavours and free platforms for women empowerment over the years, with a collective strength of 250,000+ members across 120+ countries: ALL Ladies League (ALL) is a movement of “sisters beyond borders” with circles of sisterhood worldwide in a She-for-She spirit; Women Economic Forum (WEF) is a global conference platform for women worldwide to speak, share, connect and collaborate for business beyond borders; SHEconomy is our e-commerce and trade platform for both goods and services by women worldwide; and Women Chamber of Commerce is our industry and business chamber which works closely with the government, other chambers, corporates, universities and diverse stakeholders across India and Internationally, toward empowering local and global ecosystems in support of women’s enterprises and businesses.


Women Chamber of Commerce enables fundamental changes in governmental policies, laws and incentives with a view to robustly encourage and empower women in business, industry and commerce across all sectors. Through its manifold councils and massive outlay of office bearers – 10,000+ office bearers across 150+ sectors across India and Internationally including in 100+ bilateral councils, each Office Bearer represents the voice of thousands of women: a great responsibility and rare opportunity to lead and shape a more inclusive future for All. The office bearers hold honorary positions as Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Council Members in the following categories of councils: (details on website)

  • Bilateral Business Councils (not sector-specific/multi-sectoral) in diverse countries (based both in that country and with counterpart councils in India);
  • National Sector Councils in 150+ sectors;
  • Regional Councils that coordinate (4 for Eastern/Western/Southern/Northern India);
  • State/UT Councils (not sector-specific/multi-sectoral) coordinate (36 in the 36 States/UTs);
  • State/UT Sector Councils in 150+ sectors;
  • City Councils (not sector specific/multi-sectoral) for coordinating grassroots endeavours/engaging with city ;
  • apex National Council with ex-officio presidential representation of all the councils, and including nominated industry members and others.

With active engagement of a wide cross-section of women entrepreneurs, businesses and professionals in all walks of life, we:

  • empower our collective influence on policy-making and decision-making at all levels;
  • build strong business networks and collaborations among women worldwide;
  • foster the much-needed momentum toward changes at all levels, enabling equitable growth, inclusive development, and sustainable approaches optimising economic growth and societal wellbeing.


Women Chamber of Commerce and its manifold multi-sectoral and sector-specific Councils at International, National, Regional, State and City levels, suggest from time to time concrete steps and recommendations to relevant government authorities, engage in community outreach and collaborate with a variety of institutions to:

  • develop policy frameworks for incentives and concessions especially regard improved access to finance and credit, and tax benefits;
  • develop areas of focus sector-wise and with diverse stakeholders to mainstream women’s voices and uphold women’s interest, voice and visibility at multiple levels.
  • hold programs, webinars, conferences, and especially around how to: raise funds, structure businesses, increase market share, drive sales, improve branding, and enable B2B collaborations.
  • help mitigate our many challenges and boost business prospects through networking and mentoring;
  • collaborate across councils in India and abroad in mutual exchange and empowerment, boosting business-to-business interaction and economic activity.
  • strengthen women’s voice and leadership in the media and across institutions;
  • and other measures that empower the competitiveness of Businesswomen, Entrepreneurs and Professionals, toward enhancing our economic inclusion and business growth overall.


Women Chamber of Commerce Councils are flexibly structured, enabling them to work with inclusion, diversity and self-determination, within an enabling organisational framework and a guiding Code of Conduct.
Across all our platforms, we work with a spirit of sisterhood in trust and togetherness and an ethos of participatory/distributed leadership. We seek active engagement of all council members. When thousands of us give our ideas, then we will truly understand what needs to be done and implemented. These ideas and thoughts should continuously come from all strata of life and diverse backgrounds, so that one can assimilate and implement with understanding of what is truly required at grassroots for policy and mindset change. It is these diverse inputs that form the broad basis of many of the unique ideas and innovative actions/recommendations evolved by councils and presented to various government authorities.